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Our Services

Gen Z Xperia Center is shaping the Future of Education. With our Innovative, Comprehensive 360-degree Learning Solutions and unwavering commitment to enhancing the learning experience, we are poised to empower Indian K-12 Schools to unlock the full potential of their students. Join us in the journey towards immersive, effective, and transformative education

Gen Z - the Augmented side

Image by Thomas Park

Hybrid Learning

Online/Offline Learning

DIY Projects

Allow students to create projects with their own audio and video recording


Lesson Plan

Using 3D module, teacher can create lesson plan


different type of interactivity like annotating, isolate, slice, zoom, rotate etc.

Virtual Classes

Live sessions, share screen, record and present

Woman in VR Goggles



Nationwide Reach

We have a strong presence in 84+ higher education universities with blockchain center of excellence (COE) and 120+ K-12 schools with AR/VR Labs across India, fostering a robust ecosystem for learning and innovation with emerging technologies. We are committed to reaching students across India, ensuring that the benefits of our Immersive learning experience are accessible to a wide demographic. By collaborating with Schools and Universities, we aim to create a network of innovation hubs that cater to the diverse educational needs of Gen Z.

Early Adopters

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